IAN DONALD – Advanced Ultrasound School

The Ian Donald School is designed to address the needs of clinicians with interest in diagnostic ultrasound, who seek additional knowledge and practice in recent obstetric and gynecologic sonographic developments.

• To promote:
– the science and art of ultrasound scanning
– research and education in the field of medical ultrasound
– continuous training in ultrasound
– facilitation and dissemination of information featured in scientific publications, including the Ian Donald
School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

– appropriate counseling of women who receive ultrasound examinations

• To provide:
– expert advice to those entering the field of ultrasound
• To increase:
– knowledge as it relates to methodologies for implementing recent ultrasound advances
• To contribute:
– to the improvement of teaching standards through the introduction of computer and telemedicine technology.

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