Scientific Program


1 December 2011, Thursday, Istanbul
Chair: A.Kurjak – C.Şen
09.30 The first trimester morphological abnormalities -Sonoembryology R.Pooh
09.50 First trimester ultrasound screening – an update C.Şen
10.10 Nuchal translucency thickening: fetal problems other than aneuploidy J.Sonek
10.30 Ultrasound detection of fetal anomalies in the first trimester J.Sonek
10.50 Discussion
Chair: M.Yayla – T.Alper
11.30 Scientific, religious and legal controversies on the beginning of human life and ultrasound A.Kurjak
12.00 Surgically correctable anomalies – The role of prenatal ultrasonic diagnosis A.Kurjak
12.30 Fetal thoracic anomalies – diagnosis and treatment? A.Ljubic
12.50 Discussion
Chair: A.Kafkaslı – İ.Polat
14.00 Skeletal dysplasia – Prenatal diagnosis by ultrasound A.Antsaklis
14.30 Clinical Ultrasound of the Placenta Y.Baytur
14.50 Screening for preterm delivery and progesterone E.Celik
15.20 Discussion
Chair: A.Yalınkaya – M.Kurdoğlu
16.00 Intrauerine growth restriction: ultrasound assessment J.Sonek
16.20 Doppler in perinatal medicine:Arterial or Venous? G.Mandruzzato
16.40 Ultrasonic assessment of chorionicity in twin pregnancy V.D’Addario
17.00 Fetal anomalies which are detectable around 22weeks A.Ergün
17.20 Discussion

2 December, Friday, 2011, Istanbul
Chair: S.Özden – S.R.Öner
09.00 Fetal ultrasound and medico-legal headaches? S.Uludağ
09.20 Ectopic pregancy: Timely management and ultrasound G.Göynümer
09.40 Prediction and prevention of uterine rupture using lower uterine segment measurement E.Bujold
10.00 Uterine scar and induction of labour A.Antsaklis
10.20 Discussion
Chair: T.Beşe – E.Dikensoy
11.00 Uterine anomalies and ultrasound evaluation E.Oral
11.30 Ultrasonographic differential diagnosis in adnexal masses F.Demirkıran
12.00 Ultrasound evaluation of uterine pathologies T.Beşe
12.30 Discussion
Chair: C.Şen – E.Yapar-Eyi
13.50 Intracranial translucency M.Yayla
14.10 How to perform a fetal neuroscan properly V.D’Addario
14.30 Congenital CNS anomaly R.Pooh
14.50 Fetal cerabral ventriculomegaly S.Robson
15.10 Ultrasound and MRI in fetal medicine – What is the relationship ? A.Ljubic
15.30 Discussion
Chair: E.Müngen – M.Sezik
16.10 Structural and functional development of fetal CNS assessed by 3D/4D sonography A.Kurjak
16.30 Migration disorders – Mystery and challenges of fetal CNS neuroscan R.Pooh
16.50 Plexus choroideus cyst: A dilemma S.Kumru
17.10 Sonogenetics -Molecular genetics and detailed scan R.Pooh
17.30 Discussion


3-4 December 2011, Istanbul
Chair: M.Yayla – Ö.Pata
09.00 Classification in preeclampsia M.Yayla
09.20 Maternal mortality in preeclampsia E.G.Eyi
09.40 Perinatal mortality in preeclampsia L.Önderoğlu
10.00 Etiopathogenesis in preeclampsia R.Madazlı
10.20 Discussion
Chair: M.Özeren – U.Dilek
11.00 The role of proteinuria for preeclampsia A.Tanrıverdi
11.20 Thrombophilia and preeclampsia T.Şener
11.40 The syndrome of pre-eclampsia; what it is and what it isn’t! D.Williams
12.00 The effects of preeeclampsia on fetal cardiac function O.Api
12.20 Discussion
Chair: C.Şen – Ö.Kandemir
13.30 Vitamin C and E in prevention of preeclampsia? A.Başaran
13.45 The role of CVS development of preeclampsia? A.Başaran
14.00 First-trimester placental volume and vascular flow for adverse pregnancy outcomes E.Bujold
14.20 Novel strategies to prevent and treat pre-eclampsia D.Williams
14.50 Discussion
Chair: S.Yalvaç – O.Özkaya
15.30 Management of hypertension in PE S.Robson
15.50 Corticosteroids in preeclampsia/HELLP Syndrome A.Başaran
16.10 MgSO4 in preeclampsia S.Robson
16.30 Health of women after pre-eclampsia D.Williams
16.50 Discussion
Chair: M.Güven – İ.Arıkan
09.00 Maternal cardiac dysfunction in term and preterm preeclampsia K. Melchiorre
09.20 The effects of pregnancy and preeclampsia on long-term maternal cardiac function K. Melchiorre
09.40 The role of NK cells in placental biology S.Yagel
10.00 Regulation of sFlt release from placenta by heparin-heparanase S.Yagel
10.20 Discussion
Chair: M.Muhçu – H.Kanıt
11.00 Low-dose aspirin for the prevention of preeclampsia & IUGR E.Bujold
11.20 Management of eclampsia S.Robson
11.40 Induction of labor for preeclamptic woman E.Bujold
12.00 Discussion
Chair: A.Güngören – E.Adalı
13.30 Second trimester u.artery Doppler and perinatal outcome A.Kafkaslı
13.50 IUGR in preeclampsia C.Şen
14.10 Intrapartum management in preeclampsia Ö.Kandemir
14.30 Discussion
Chair: C.Şen – M.Yayla
15.15 New markers and software for Down Syndrome in first trimester K.Nicolaides
16.00 First trimester screening for preeclampsia K.Nicolaides
16.40 Discussion
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