World School Perinatal Medicine

22-23 April 2017, İstanbul

The World School of Perinatal Medicine provides a comprehensive introduction to the science and practice of perinatal medicine.

It is designed to address the needs of a clinician who has some experience in perinatal medicine but needs additional knowledge and practice in both Obstetrics, Neonatology and other field in perinatal medicine. By completing the proposed programme, participants will gain the experience and confidence to continue the learned experiences after returning to their work sites. The programme is designed as a tutorial and review which will permit participants to verify that their knowledge is current or to identify areas where their practices may be improved.

World School of Perinatal Medicine utilizes a unique combination of educational methods. In addition to lectures by a luminary faculty, the course features: To meet the needs of all participants, deductive sessions covering topics of interest in perinatal medicine, video case reviews with audience participation, the World School of Perinatal Medicine is designed both for those specializing in perinatal medicine and those with a more general clinical interest who want to be updated on developments in the field, as well as all those involved in the care of pregnant women and their babies.It is being permanently organized every April in Istanbul. The topic for this year (WSPM-2017) is “Fetal Heart”.

Limited number of participants will be accepted. The language of the course is English and first come first serve is essential. Therefore it is advised to book as early as possible.

Prof. Cihat Sen                                                                                                                                                   School Directo

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